Nisai Group: 24 Years of Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Leading

Established in 1996 in the United Kingdom, the Nisai Group is a multifaceted education and skills provider focused on transforming the education landscape through blended and differentiated learning. At Nisai, we believe that every student has equal value and should have access to quality education, no matter where they are from.


Nisai is a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching and leading. Nisai Group encompasses online learning provision through the Nisai Virtual Academy, blended learning provision via Nisai House (formerly known as Nisai Learning Hub). All registered schools within Nisai are OFSTED inspected, with courses accredited by awarding bodies including AQA, Cambridge, Edexcel, NOCN and OCR.

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In 2019, Nisai Group completed their acquisition of Units of Sound, an online literacy intervention resource, designed to help learners with their reading and spelling skills. The programme is used in over 400 schools throughout the UK.

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For over 24 years’ experience of education delivery, Nisai has offered flexible, innovative education programmes to our learners and supported them in achieving their ambitions through personalised learning outcomes. Nisai now operates and delivers quality assured education in more than 20 countries with representative offices across 5 countries, including Japan, Australia, Brunei, South Africa and Vietnam.

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