Admission Criteria

As an online school from the UK, NGS upholds the rigorous standards of a British Education. To be admitted to NGS, prospective pupils must demonstrate:

Academic Potential

We recognize prior learning, so school reports for two years prior to the application for enrolment are required. Our Academic Team will determine whether the pupils have sufficient prior learning to enter a course or even to progress to a higher level. The pupil may also enter a course at a particular level on a trial basis.

English Proficiency

For Year 7-9: equivalent to A2 level in CEFR

For Year 10-11: equivalent to B1 level in CEFR

For Year 12-13:  equivalent to B2 level in CEFR

Suitability for online study

We require our pupils to be dedicated, focused and organised. So, you have to create a recorded video statement that demonstrates a degree of self-motivation and self-management. Students must be residing in countries from the ASEAN region to be in the same time zone.

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