Our students: Every learner has the right to an education

At Nisai Global School, we support students in the UK as well as internationally. Every learner has the right to an education, no matter what their personal situation, health or geographical location. Our experience means our students can achieve their ambitions through our personalized approach to learning. We require our pupils to be dedicated, focused and organised, and rewards them with a personalized, flexible and supportive education.

Committed individuals

A committed pupil with a willingness to work hard, and an ambition to pursue an internationally recognized qualification


A pupil whose individual style of learning is not well-suited to the traditional classroom, and who would thrive in a more personalized setting, or who require a level of privacy.


Gifted and talented students, such as an elite athlete, artist, musician or performer who finds it challenging to pursue their passion within a traditional school schedule.


Students with special education need and disabilities.

For nearly 25 years, we have been proudly supporting students in the UK with barriers to learning. Nisai Global School builds on the educational tradition of the Nisai Group, and we warmly welcome pupils who meet our admissions’ criteria, including those who have special education need and disabilities (SEND) identified on entry or during their time at the school. We embrace our duty to make reasonable adjustments for those pupils who have SEND or other learning needs, to ensure their access to the full curriculum and other aspects of school life.

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