A key feature of our NGS Curriculum that broadens and sustains our students’ learning, is the provision of a range of Enrichment Programmes beyond the Academic programme.

Online Learning with Nisai-01

Intensive Secondary English courses

Pupils who do not demonstrate the minimum level of English proficiency to enter the mainstream classes can enrol into our Intensive Secondary English courses. Our Intensive Secondary English courses are delivered online, in real-time and provide qualifications equivalent to qualifications based on the European CEFR levels, including: A1 (Foundation); A2 (Elementary); B1 (Intermediate); B2 (Upper Intermediate); C1 (Advanced); and C2 (Proficient).

Accelerated English Language learning

Accelerated English Language Learning (ACCELL) is a programme designed for students who need extra ESL support in combination with our academic programme. It is typically a short-term (up to 1 year) ESL intervention focusing on accelerated progress in English language learning. The aim is to enable students to participate fully in their mainstream classes and make significant progress in catching up with their peers.

Nisai's students - Lammas School
Nisai Lammas school students

Booster Programme

The Booster programme is designed for students who need personalised learning support and tutoring services to study the Cambridge International programme from Cambridge Lower Secondary leading to Cambridge International IGCSE and A Levels. A course can be designed as either short-term or long-term, or students can select the topics they would like to study.

Broadening Horizons

Our online status enables our students to travel and study one term at our partnered Cambridge schools worldwide. This exchange programme is a great way to make new friends and go on an adventure without interfering with their studies. Not only will students grow as a person, but students will also increase the prospects as universities value evidence of independence, adaptability and willingness to take on a challenge.

Nisai Global School - Teacher helping schoolgirl with her homework in classroom

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