While NGS’s programmes are designed for online independent study, we acknowledge that being an online student is not simple. Some students may need further academic and learning support alongside with their online learning, while others may consider the social aspect of traditional schooling as a key part of their personal learning and development.

Therefore, besides online independent study, our personalized approach to learning also offers NGS students the flexibility to select a range of study options:

  • Students may be able to study with local learning support at a Recognized Learning Hub.
  • Students may be able to study in a Nisai House, a study group managed by a Registered Facilitator.

By studying in a Learning Hub or Nisai House, we believe students will benefit by experiencing a blend of learning that involves both online learning and hands-on learning experiences. This sort of learning environment is more engaging for students and allows them to take ownership of their learning.  This type of learning also allows for more personalized instruction ensuring all students needs are being met. Most importantly a blended learning environment reflects the world in which we currently live, socialise and work. Whether they study online independently, or study with Nisai Learning Hub or Nisai House, we want to make sure that each learner has a unique learning journey. 

Find your nearest Learning Hubs and Nisai Houses by using the map below: 


NGS students can choose to study at a Nisai Recognized Learning Hub to receive further learning and local support for their studies. The support students receive from each hub is varied, depending on their resources. These may include customer services, additional tuition (in the form of discussion, seminars, weekend classes, tutorials, or extracurricular activities), extra study materials, library resources, access to computers and social and recreational activities (e.g. clubs or special interest groups).

We work with educational institutions and teaching centres all over the world to expand our network of Nisai Recognized Learning Hubs. Each of these is required to meet a set of quality requirements to ensure that they have the capabilities and expertise to support our programmes.

Learning Hubs & Nisai Houses-02

To meet their needs, at Nisai, students can also choose to study in a study group formed and managed by a Nisai Registered Facilitator. This study group is called a Nisai House.

By participating in a Nisai House, pupils can benefit from social interaction and a range of extra-curricular activities to complement their online learning. For example, parents and students can join adventure trips during weekends, where they can socialize and meet up with other fellow ones in person to exchange experiences, provide support and general networking.

The role of facilitators is integral to the way that Nisai communicates and builds relationships with students and parents to achieve a holistic and inclusive community within a Nisai House.

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