We recognise that the world we live in is changing rapidly and our modern world is fast-paced, hyper-connected and personalised more than ever before. However, the education system has looked and felt a similar way for over a century. To remain relevant to the modern world of the 21st century and beyond, young people and their families have their reasons for investigating home education, either as a complement or an alternative to mainstream education or traditional schooling.

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The home-schooling community is growing globally. NGS offer a flexible and quality assured home education programme for students. This means that NGS allows pupils to study the Cambridge International curriculum, either in an intensive or in a part-time style, online from anywhere in the world. Our flexible approach also offers students a range of study options:

Students can study online fully and independently using our online learning platform.

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Students may be able to study with local learning support, either at a recognised learning hub or in a study group formed by a registered facilitator.

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