Nisai Global School is powered by Nisai Virtual Academy (NVA) which is uniquely designed to help pupils prepare for their futures. Each pupil in the school has their own secure username and password which logs them into NVA. From here, pupils can access all the functions of the school.

The platform features a rich online curriculum with embedded multimedia, real-time classroom sessions, chat and secure email. Live online technical support is available during school hours. Pupils can also check their personalized timetable, see their house points, look at the school’s announcement board for updated information, and to engage in the social aspect of the NVA by joining in with the Clubs and Societies.   

NVA LearningZone homepage
NVA Learning Zone homepage

My Courses

My Courses is where students can access their virtual classrooms as well as learning materials. All lessons are recorded, meaning once a lesson has been delivered pupils can always review the lesson recording. The recorded lesson database is a fantastic tool for self-paced learning as it allows students to go over previous lessons in their own time to consolidate their learning, to complete assignment and to revise for examinations. An advanced search facility can help the pupil track down exactly previous lessons that they need.  

My Folder

My Folder is where students can download learning materials, complete and upload homework and assignments.

Chill-Out Zone

The Chill-Out Zone is an inclusive community dedicated to the pupils of the school and broadens the online experience at NGS. This is a place where NGS pupils from around the world can join social clubs and communicate with other classmates. All groups in the Chill-Out Zone are moderated by teachers to ensure students enjoy the same pursuits to come together.

Wellbeing Centre

Another key feature of NVA is the Wellbeing-Centre where students can seek for a wealth of information relating to Health, Online Safety, etc.


How we teach is just as important. Because every student learns differently, our teachers tailor their approach to each student’s needs and work to immerse him or her in the actual experience of their subject. The benefits are dramatic and life-long.

group of students - Nisai Global School

Our live online lessons are delivered in a virtual classroom by qualified teachers. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 15 pupils in order to allow an individualised approach to learning, as well as more one-on-one contact with their teacher. Additionally, classes are grouped according to the students’ ability and level of comprehension so that teachers can provide more personalized attention, and so that students are studying with other students who are at their same level.

Lessons are always engaging and fully interactive. They use a headset to hear the teacher, who is usually delivering the lesson via a PowerPoint presentation and participate either verbally using a microphone or by typing in the chat box.

The experience of learning in a virtual classroom is just like being in a real classroom, but students are attending classes from home. At the end of every week, the teacher sets a homework assignment; these are completed in conjunction with the pupil’s notes, the lesson recording and a range of students’ materials.


Each virtual classroom has a multifunctional, interactive, dynamic and vibrant platform which provides a rich teaching and learning environment. Our virtual classroom allows students to ask questions, make comments, work with their peers and use a range of innovative and interactive features.

Screenshot - Nisai classroom

There are three main features on a virtual classroom:

  • Voice – The teacher’s and pupil’s names appear; everyone can hear the teacher talking as they deliver the lesson. Under the supervision of the teacher, pupils can always raise hand to ask or answer questions, make comments, and speak to the whole class using a microphone on their computer. This mechanism is to provide free of distractions or disruptions from usual classroom sounds/behaviours of other students
  • Text – Teachers and pupils can also communicate using the text area. There is public text which everyone in the class can see, but there is also a private messaging facility so that questions can be asked and answered in private.
  • Collaborate – The interactive whiteboard works in the same way as any other classroom whiteboard in which students can draw and type. The teacher can use the breakout room feature to allow students for discussions and collaborative work. Students can also share their screen to the whole class when they prepare for their own presentations on a topic.

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