Nisai Global School also strives to develop a collaborative learning community. Our aim is to ensure our students belong to an inclusive community of learning, even when they study in an online school. We want their experience at Nisai Global School to be one where they feel valued. This will encourage students to reach out to their peers and the wider community which is substantial in their progress throughout the course.


Peer Mentorship

A peer mentor is a successful student, who is placed in a course that he or she had completed, to serve as a guide for other fellows. The duties of peer mentors include mentoring other students, facilitating discussion, and locating resources, but their most essential function is to model the role of a successful student.

Peer mentorship, not only help improving academic abilities, but also fosters development of meaningful relationships among our learning community.

Parent Community

Family involvements foster partnerships among learning community. Nisai Global School encourages families in the same local areas to establish groups on Facebook so that they can meet for field trips, projects, playtime, and even parent-run classes. It can be challenging to make that first connection, but after some meetings, the bond created by mutual efforts. NGS also partners with its learning community to support its curriculum to ensure its relevance with the local context.

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